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Kamyran's Eye

Player Guide

hit When an enemy harms you (or you harm an enemy), the amount of damage is assessable by the size of the red hit sign.
evade If you manage to evade your enemies strike, this is shown with the evade sign.
block If you manage to block your enemies strike, this is shown with the block sign.
gain level Fighting against enemies increases your experience points (EP). With each level you gain you also increase randomly one of your skills (strength, constitution or agility). If you want to increase a defined skill, use softkey2 to enter the game menu and select Character. Then select the skill you want to focus by using key 5 or softkey3.

Magic Items

magic items Magic items like wands, scrolls or potions ease your fight against your enemies by providing you with magical powers. You can get these from merchants, helpful allies, killed combatants or by looting your enemies' equipment.
potion A potion of Strength or Agility raises that skill for some moves.
eat A potion of Recovery increases your characters recovering for some moves. Another possibility to endorse recovery is to eat or drink. A scroll or wand of Assist increases your close-by allies recovery.
heal A potion of Heal raises your characters energy immediately.
invicible The potion Invincible makes your character invulnerable to any kind of attack for some moves. A scroll or wand Aid Allies makes your close-by allies invulnerable for some moves.
poisonrain A scroll or wand of Poisonrain decreases your enemies recovering for some moves.
stunned A scroll or wand of Stun confuses your enemy for some moves.
hold A scroll or wand of Hold adheres your enemy to the ground for some moves.
chain A scroll or wand of Chain bonds your enemy and so makes him unable to move at all for some moves.
flamegrip A scroll or wand of Flamegrip shoots a ball of fire at all enemies close-by.
lightening A scroll or wand of Lightning strikes your enemy heavily and eventually jumps over to another one.
wand With a scroll or wand of Teleport you can teleport your character from one place to a random other place on the sector.
scroll With a scroll or wand of Disarm you can disarm a random number of enemies close-by.